Failed US States

The Top Priority in the Missouri State Legislature? Lowering Your Wages

"Imagine that you’re a powerful politician in a state with 6 million citizens, 800,000 of whom are uninsured, facing major funding shortfalls for education and infrastructure.  Quick, what would you do first?

If you’re Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, you start by attacking workers’ rights. 

Are legislators plotting end run around voters in election-law referendum?

"Skullduggery alert:  Rep. Eddie Farnsworth just postponed a hearing on his bill to repeal last year’s late-night changes to Arizona’s election laws.

Changes that 111,000 voters then promptly put on hold.

You will recall last year’s House Bill 2305, a series of reforms passed by Republicans in the waning hours of last year’s legislative session and for good reason.

They were reforms that seemed mostly to protect Republicans.

The Republican war on Wisconsin's public schools

"It was Schultz who pointed out that his colleagues' plans to siphon tax dollars into private schools, even as they slash funds for public education, means setting up two parallel school systems.

"How conservative is that?" Schultz said recently. "We are trying to duplicate something we already can't afford."

Schultz also objects to the generally sour tone toward teachers, and what he calls "loose talk" in the Capitol that our public schools are "failing.""

How Radical has the Republican Party Become? One State Perfectly Sums Up the Insanity

"Then as I read through an article detailing how the tea party is increasing its efforts to “primary” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, it hit me – Kentucky is a great example of how far the tea party is pushing the GOP.

In 2010, Kentucky elected Rand Paul to the United States Senate. A man who had absolutely zero political experience (outside of riding his father’s coattails) prior to his election. Essentially, the people of Kentucky elected a man because of how radically “anti-government” his father was known to be."

VW reconsiders expansion in South after no UAW in Chattanooga

"Last Friday, Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga voted against having UAW represent them.  This was a shock to many because initially the workers supported it.  By Friday, Sen. Bob Corker, State Sen. Bo Watson and Rep. Gerald McCormick's threats and intimidation caused the workers to worry they might be responsible for shutting the plant down or not having it expand by manufacturing the new SUV. "

Way to go, TN!

Alabama Republicans Seek to Instate Mandatory Prayer In Public Schools

Florida Is Illegally Blocking Poor People From The E.R.

"Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) effort to save his state’s Medicaid program money on the backs of the poor just backfired.

House panel approves bill that shields Kansans who refuse to serve same-sex couples on religious grounds

"The Kansas House will move forward with a bill that would give government employees the right to refuse service to same-sex couples on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Republican supporters of House Bill 2453 say the bill concerns religious liberty. Democratic opponents said the bill unfairly targets gay Kansans. The two sides talked circles around each other Thursday at a meeting of the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

The origins of craziness in the Kansas Legislature

"Where to begin? Perhaps with the sonogram procedure that state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, Republican of Shawnee, arranged to take place in a meeting of the Public Health and Welfare Committee. That was certainly different.


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